Do you ever watch TV and hear a nice catchy song in the background and say to yourself "I WISH THAT WAS MY SONG?" Well you can stop dreaming now! There is a brand new sho, foreign on HULU. We are only accepting 30 SONGS for the whole of season 1. All genres are accepted for the show. This is a great opportunity, as millions of people watch HULU. If you are selected, your name will also be in the credits on the show. WE RECEIVE OVER 350 SUBMISSIONS PER DAY. If you are chosen, you will need to secure your position so you are guaranteed that your music will be played. After being chosen, it then becomes "FIRST COME FIRST SERVE," so SERIOUS BANDS AND ARTISTS ACT FAST. Due to the high amount of submissions, the cost to have your music included in an episode, AFTER you have already been chosen is $200 per song.Do not pay anything unless you have already been selected to feature in the TV Show and signed the electronic contract. Once you have been selected you can make your payment [[ here. ]]

Get My Music On TV

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