Foreign Music Records is proud to announce that shooting for season 1 of the reality show "Foreign Music" is going to take place in January 2018. This is the moment we have all been waiting for. The show is centered around 5 to 7 musicians from FMTR's record label. The cast of the show will live under the same roof for some time, while trying to figure out how to maximize their time, while signed to Foreign Music Records. The artists will attend shows, red carpet events, interviews, and, magazine shoots.The show will not only focus on music, but also on other aspects of each character's life.

The Foreign Music Show Cast will need 30-45 minutes on stage to shoot specific scenes for the show. The venue's busiest day would be the most ideal for the shoot, since shots of the crowd will be captured. 

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Performing at venues is a huge part of this show. Check all dates that the artists can perform at your venue.

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