FMTR Founded in 2013.

Foreign Music Records is an Indie Record Label that originated in 2013. Foreign Music is unique music; it is not your average kind

of music. It is music that makes one want to replay the music we have on our site. This label consists of artist with different styles

from different backgrounds, and the artists signed to Foreign Music Records are signed to this label because of how rare their

music is, meaning it stands out. Here, at FMTR, we look for artists that have something in their music that sets them apart from a

crowd. A list of aspects that we really focus on are fan base populations each artist caters to prior to our acknowledgment of

those various artists. We look at what performances they have previously done, if any. We look at their style of music and see if

their music is compatible with the music we promote on our site. "Foreign Music On The Rise" does everything to really put its'

artists in the spotlight. We do not discriminate or turn artists away for ethnicity, location, gender, age, sexuality, or anything of

that nature, so long as the artist has the talent and potential to thrive. We have won 2 indie awards for "most growing"

underground label in 2014 and 2015. We are continuing to grow as a company. What really sets us apart from other Indie Labels

is the fact that we have a numberof services to offer, which can be found here on the "record label page." We actually work as

agents, not just music managers. While some record labels sign artists, and leave them to scavenge for gigs, we bring the gigs to

our artists. We are based in New York, and our main location is in Los angeles. You may contact us at anytime for questions or

concerns. The number 1 questions most people ask on our site is "how do I get signed?" We have the answers here.