OH NO! We are sad to see you go. Maybe we can encourage you to stay. Termination of the contract is taken seriously with our company. FMTR has a team that works hard to pick diligent musicians who passionately love making music. When artists choose to terminate a 2 year contract, it appears that the artist does not take their music seriously. Any artist can terminate his or her contract at any time; However, not only is the artist required to pay a $250.00 fee, but the artist goes on our Termi List. The Termi List is a list provided to 83 other record labels. Those record labels have access to our list of artists who terminated their contract within their first year of signing. We also have 74 venues throughout the country who have asked to have access to this list, so they know who to ban from performing at their venues. This is a tactic that FMTR does, in order to help establish more open performance times for artist who are truly serious about their music. This helps the 83 record labels choose who they will sign wisely. If you terminated your contract with FMTR, the majority of those labels are less likely to even view any of your submissions to them. If you are reading this then your contract has not yet been terminated. The termination process takes 4-6 weeks before the CEO in charge of terminating the contract has access to it. Within that time frame, your termination can be withdrawn if you choose too. If you do choose to proceed with the termination, we wish you good luck in your future endeavors.

Common Reasons and Solutions for Termination:

1. I have a large amount to pay, and do not know if I can get that amount in before the deadline. Speak to Tiffany, she can set any artist an independent payment plan, which gives an extended amount of time to get the full amount in (normally 3 weeks extra time than the original amount of time). 

2. I am too busy with school or work and can not keep up with being signed. It is almost impossible to deal with school or work, on top of being signed. Generally, a serious artist will make music their first priority. We suggest you agree to be shelved, rather than being terminated, because termination goes on your record, and artists who are shelved remain in our system, so it is a bit more confidential.  

3. I am not getting marketed or promoted as much as I would like or as much as the other artists are getting. Are you putting in as much work as the other artists? Are you reaching your potential or expecting that the company do everything for you? We ask that you speak with one of our record label counselors on how to improve this situation. The label invests time and money into its' top artists who are constantly working diligently. That could be you.

Contract Termination

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